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 CROOKED RIVER BASIN (Photo Credit: Jim Bailey)


Land Trust Alliance

The Land Trust Alliance is an umbrella organization for land trusts in the U.S., providing support, publications, and standards for the operation of land trusts.  Camden County Land Trust is a Sponsor Member of the Land Trust Alliance and supports their Standards and Practices

Georgia Land Conservation Program

The Georgia Land Conservation Program is a program for the increased conservation of lands in the state of Georgia.  The program provides loans and grants for the acquisition of land and conservation easements.  Details of the program including guidelines and a pre-application form can be viewed on this website. 

Satilla Riverkeeper

The Satilla Riverkeeper was recently formed with a mission to preserve, protect, and restore the Satilla River.  Affiliated with the national organization Waterkeeper Alliance, Satilla Riverkeeper will help ensure the Satilla River is healthy for swimming, fishing and other sustainable uses for generations to come.  The Camden County Land Trust is working to partner with Satilla Riverkeeper to protect a corridor of land along the Satilla in Camden and adjacent counties as a buffer for river protection. 

Georgia Land Trust Service Center

The Georgia Land Trust Service Center provides support for land trusts in Georgia.  They have compiled and published material on conservation easements in Georgia, and maintain information on Georgia land trusts.  In addition, the Land Trust Service Center was instrumental in forming the Georgia Alliance of Land Trusts.  This link connects to the Georgia Environmental Policy Institute website, of which the Service Center is a part.  From here, one can locate a list maintained by the Service Center of all land trusts in Georgia, with their contact information, as well as an example conservation easement.  The Camden County Land Trust is a member of the Georgia Alliance of Land Trusts. 

Center for a Sustainable Coast

The Center for a Sustainable Coast is an environmental advocate for the Georgia Coast.  The Center's mission is to protect, preserve and defend the natural, cultural, and historic resources of this area.  Among many other projects, they have been active in advocating for the protection of marsh hammocks and water resources, and advocating against unsustainable development practices.  The Center is currently at work on a "State of the Coast" report. 

Georgia Water Coalition

The Georgia Water Coalition is a group of individuals and organizations working to ensure that the waters of the state continue to belong to the people of the state.  This group works to see that water is managed fairly for all Georgians, with the interest of all citizens, existing businesses and farms in mind.  The Camden County Land Trust is pleased to be a partner organization with the Georgia Water Coalition. 

Society for Ecological Restoration

Landowners interested in restoration of their lands to a more natural or pristine condition may wish to examine this website.  With over 2300 members in 37 countries and all 50 states, the SER supports and encourages ecological restoration with publications, conferences, and education. 

Longleaf Alliance

The Longleaf Alliance supports the preservation and restoration of  longleaf pine forests.  Many people feel that longleaf pine is one of the finest timber trees and the longleaf landscape among the most beautiful in the country.  It is a fact that the longleaf pine ecosystem is among the most diverse in North America.  The South at one time had about 95 million acres of longleaf pine forest, but less than 5% of that remains, and much of that remaining is degraded.  In a recent survey of longleaf pine forests in Georgia by The Nature Conservancy, it was found that Camden County had no tracts of longleaf greater than 500 acres still remaining.  The Camden County Land Trust supports the preservation of all remaining longleaf pine forests in Camden County, and the restoration of this magnificent tree and ecosystem to suitable forestry lands.